Partial List of Restrictions for Use of Lots


  • Rules and regulations to be established concerning dwelling placements and construction to assure preservation of natural beauty of development.
  • Residential, single family use only.
  • Minimum sq. ft. living area: 2500 sq. ft/bluff lots – 1500 sq. ft/other lots.
  • Guest house, etc., may be allowed – not to exceed 2000 square feet.
  • No residence or other structure nearer than 250 ft. from main road.
  • Lots with 10 acres or more may be re-subdivided into lots of at least 5 acres
  • Building requirements – all residences to be approved by Developer/Architectural Review Committee – exterior to have no exposed block, concrete, or plastered foundations – must fit with natural surroundings.
  • Plans submitted to Developer/Architectural Review Committee before construction.
  • Air conditioner compressors, garbage cans, electrical service entrance, gas tanks, etc., – located at side or rear of house and screened from view.
  • No animals are allowed except dogs, cats, ducks, llamas, horses and household pets, and no animal may be raised for commercial purposes – horses and llamas restricted to no more than 1 animal for every 2 ac. of lot size.
  • Unsightly conditions and offensive activity prohibited.
  • No removal of trees larger than 5 inches in diameter at breast height except for construction/installation of driveway or utility service and construction of residence or other permitted structure – removal of trees in yard area for residence subject to approval by Developer/Architectural Review Committee.
  • Tree removal permitted on Developer’s property for construction of lake/right of way, and establishing/developing common property.
  • No television antenna, dish, radio receiver or similar device may be installed in setback areas or so as to be visible from adjoining lots or streets.
  • All utility service lines into each lot must be underground.
  • Duty to rebuild/clear and landscape upon casualty or destruction of any lot or portion thereof – each lot to be maintained in neat/orderly condition.
  • Vehicles must be parked in owner’s garage, approved outbuilding or driveway – no inoperable vehicle may be stored outdoors on the premises – no house trailer or similar vehicle may be stored on any lot.
  • No hunting, and/or discharge of firearms upon any lot or common properties.
  • Restricted entrance to development – any gates will be common property.
  • Provision for establishment of Timberwood Homeowners Association – once, established, members control assessments.